NATO country presents the only opportunity to end the Ukraine conflict

NATO country presents the only opportunity to end the Ukraine conflict 0
NATO country presents the only opportunity to end the Ukraine conflict 0

(Dan Tri) – Hungary is `betting on the return of former US President Donald Trump` to end the conflict in Ukraine with a peace agreement.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (Photo: Getty).

Speaking at an economic forum in Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on March 4 emphasized his interest in a quick solution to the two-year conflict in Ukraine.

Orban said Hungary, a member of NATO and bordering Ukraine, has long sought to maintain a neutral stance toward Russia.

`The only reasonable action of the Hungarian government is to bet on the return of Donald Trump. The only chance in the world to reach a relatively quick peace agreement is political change in the US

Mr. Trump is the leading Republican presidential candidate and is expected to `rematch` President Joe Biden in the November election. Mr. Trump is currently leading his Democratic opponent in most of the polls.

Mr. Trump repeatedly pledged during the election campaign that he would resolve the Ukraine conflict `within 24 hours` after taking office.

However, Mr. Trump recently expressed his willingness to continue military aid to Ukraine.

The US Senate has passed a bill to set aside more than 95 billion USD for foreign aid, of which more than 60 billion USD is for Ukraine.

Mr. Trump called on Republicans in the House of Representatives to continue opposing the bill and wait patiently until there is a `perfect` immigration deal.

The Republican Party announced that it would only pass the aid bill for Ukraine when President Joe Biden’s administration accepts policy changes to enhance border security.

Prime Minister Orban has refused to supply weapons to Ukraine or allow weapons to enter Ukraine through Hungarian territory.

Prime Minister Orban was the first foreign leader to endorse Mr. Trump’s successful election campaign in 2016 and support Mr. Trump’s re-election bid in 2020. Last year, the Hungarian leader endorsed Mr.

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