Alarming Asian Americans for being attacked and racially discriminated against because of Covid-19

Alarming Asian Americans for being attacked and racially discriminated against because of Covid-19 0
Alarming Asian Americans for being attacked and racially discriminated against because of Covid-19 0

(Dan Tri) – Many Asian Americans are facing mental racism, physical attacks, and even stabbings amid the Covid-19 epidemic.

Line of people at a gun store in California.

According to Straits Times, more than 1,000 Asian Americans have gone to a website to share their stories of being mentally and physically attacked because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

A gun store owner in Los Angeles County, California told the Straits Times that he has seen a large number of Asian customers coming to buy guns recently, including some who are buying guns for the first time in their lives.

There are many compelling reasons for Asian Americans to become wary in recent times, according to Straits Times.

ABC News quoted an FBI report predicting that `hate crimes against Asian Americans will tend to increase in the US in the near future` because a group of Americans believe that China and Asians are related.

At a supermarket in Texas last month, a man stabbed an Asian American family, including two children aged 2 and 6, because he thought the family was spreading the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Hundreds of reports of similar incidents prompted San Francisco University professor Russell Jeung to create a website where Asian Americans can come forward to talk about their experiences of being bullied due to racial discrimination.

The website began operating on March 19 with the help of two supporting organizations, the Asia Pacific Policy and Planning Council and China Support Policy.

“On a political level, we need to document what is happening.

The problem of racism

According to initial statistics, 90% of people who shared their experiences said `race` was the reason they were hated, while 2/3 of the accidents were verbally humiliated.

The number of women participating in sharing is 3 times higher than that of men.

Mr. Jeung said he felt `depressed and confused` when reading stories of discrimination.

“It is difficult to read stories about hate and toxic prejudice,” Mr. Jeung.

Mr. Jeung said his wife, who is of Korean descent, as well as his son, were also victims of discrimination: `My wife was coughed on at the park while my son and I were ignored at the sporting goods store.`

Kristine Villanueva, a Filipino-American in Washington, faced a bad experience last month.

Mr. Jeff Yang, a Taiwanese-American journalist, recently complained on Twitter about being discriminated against.

“I was waiting at the grocery store and an older white woman wearing a mask yelled profanities at me, pulled off her mask, and coughed in my direction.

Los Angeles gun store owner David Liu said 60% of his customers are of Asian descent, most of whom are first-time gun buyers.

Previously, most of Mr. Liu’s customers were recent immigrants from mainland China, however, recently he has had more customers who are Americans of Vietnamese, Japanese and Filipino descent.

“Yesterday, I had a customer from Singapore who asked to buy a gun.

Lord Emperor

According to Straits Times

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