How Ukraine controls Western weapons mounted on Soviet fighters

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How Ukraine controls Western weapons mounted on Soviet fighters 0
How Ukraine controls Western weapons mounted on Soviet fighters 0

(Dan Tri) – US officials reveal how Ukraine controls Western weapons mounted on Soviet-era fighters with incompatible designs.

The Ukrainian army’s Su-27 is fitted with a tablet in the cockpit (Screenshot: Ukrainian Army).

The Ukrainian Air Force is using iPads or tablets in the cockpits of Soviet-era jets to enable rapid integration of modern Western air-to-ground weapons.

US Deputy Secretary of Defense William LaPlante confirmed this information on May 24.

`Think about the planes that Ukraine has, they’re notĀ F-16s, they’re Soviet-era or Russian-made planes. Working with Ukraine, we were able to integrate,` said LaPlante.

Although there are still many questions about how exactly this method works, a video appearing on the internet seems to give some insight into the mechanism of controlling weapons using a tablet.

Accordingly, the video posted by the Ukrainian Air Force shows the inside of a Su-27 equipped with a tablet computer.

On the tablet, information about the navigation map is displayed.

In addition to HARM missiles, Ukraine also uses Soviet-era fighters to drop Western-made JDAM-ER smart bombs or French Hammer bombs.

According to The Drive, Western weapons mounted on the Su-27 can be used against targets with known coordinates, and they are pre-programmed on the flight path before the fighter takes off.

The pilot then flies the plane to the area, drops the weapon, and lets it fly toward the target using a GPS-assisted inertial navigation system.

The disadvantage of this tactic is that fighters will only attack pre-planned targets, reducing the flexibility of air battles.

That is the reason why Ukraine has repeatedly wanted to receive Western fighters, such as the F-16, so that they are compatible with NATO-produced missiles and bombs, bringing greater efficiency.

In addition, it seems that in order to mount Western weapons on fighters such as the MiG-29 or Su-27, Ukraine also needs to adjust the weapon pylons to be compatible with missiles or bombs that are only equipped with

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